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Newsletter Survey Results


We had a 25% participation rate in the survey, which met benchmark requirements for the audience. Below are the results of each question.

Overall, what are your thoughts on the newsletter?

  • Appreciate not getting the numerous emails
  • good way to communicate. I look at it when I have the time
  • hmm
  • very informative
  • It is a good idea
  • I should make an effort to read more consistently
  • Could do with a clearer headlines section/ table of contents
  • good
  • It's a fairly efficient way keeping up with what's going on. Don't make it any longer.
  • I find the links are problematic
  • a good tool
  • It's a good idea, but it would be improved if it could be shortened to only include true announcements and notices we would have received previously anyways. Don't let it turn into a brag book for departments who seem to just want constant attention for what they're doing
  • Iideally it should be 1 page with visual story (less words), may be the frequency be more to accommodate 1 pager and links to details should some docs need it
  • it's the first thing I've actually read (sometimes), so it must be effective
  • Good
  • Keep publishing it. If someone says that they are in the dark, well then it is their fault, the info is out there.
  • Great
  • Meh
  • Positive
  • I like it
  • It's okay
  • It is nice to actually know what is going on
  • Useful method of communication
  • I like being able to keep up on what is happening in other areas. I would like to see some research updates as well as some information on education initiatives and innovations that are going on in RQHR.
  • not read it as many times and so can't comment
  • one sided. represents administration viewpoint rather than practitioner