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New RQHR Point of Care Policy & Procedure


Point of Care testing refers to analytical patient testing activities performed outside the physical facilities of a clinical laboratory by personnel whose primary training is not in clinical laboratory sciences. This bedside or near patient testing must produce accurate and reproducible results comparable to that of a licensed laboratory. Point of Care testing is being completed within RQHR outside of the laboratory and benefits patient care when managed according to accreditation standards and requirements.

The Saskatchewan Medical Laboratory Licensing Act, 1994, indicates that all laboratory testing must be licensed.  The licensee is required to ensure compliance with the Act and Regulations.  This includes Point of Care testing; therefore, the policy and procedure are required to ensure RQHR compliance with the legislation. 

The RQHR POCT program has grown significantly these past few years. See table below. There are frequent requests for a New POCT test system, or adding on a location for a test system that has already been validated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Each POCT test system is validated and approved by the Medical Section Head of each laboratory discipline.

2017 Licensed Point of Care Test Systems

# of tests


# of locations


# of devices


# of users



Introducing the POCT intranet website, click on the meter icon to take you directly to the webpage, which lists all point of care tests, locations, supporting procedures and documents.

The introduction of the Point of Care testing policy and procedure will provide information on the accreditation requirements that must be adhered to when managing POC testing processes. The POCT policy and procedure will provide a framework for the request of new point of care tests. Complete the RQHR POCT Device Request Form for new requests for POCT testing.

Please contact the POCT Supervisor Jacquie Herman (306) 766-3162 or MLT Tech II Shelley Stadnyk (306) 766-0611 for assistance with your POCT requests.

Virginia Marsh, MLT, DBA, CCE
Manager Regulatory Affairs
RQHR Laboratory Services