New Provincial Dictation / Transcription System

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New Provincial Dictation / Transcription System


There is currently work underway, led by Shared Services Saskatchewan (3S Health), to implement a provincial system for dictation / transcription services in all health regions and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

This system utilizes voice recognition technology similar to the system we have in place in RQHR.  We have had this technology in our current system since 2008 so we well know how it can transform transcription services and lead to significant service improvements.

In addition to the new system, 3S is structuring a provincial pool of transcriptionists which is drawn from transcriptionists currently working in the health regions.  This provincial pool will enable 3S to manage the workload consistently across all regions with a goal to have dictated reports completed within 24 hours.  Several regions have already implemented the new provincial system (including Saskatoon Health Region) and are quickly seeing improvements in terms of reducing backlog and improving turnaround times on reports.

RQHR is working towards a target date of June 27th to transition from our current dictation/transcription solution (Nuance) to the provincial system (MModal Fluency). Once we have transitioned to the provincial system within the lab, medical imaging and acute services (including health records), our current system will be de-commissioned.

Submitted by:  Cathy Makie, Director, Health Information Management Services