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New physician arrivals


New Physician Arrivals

April 12th to June 7th, 2016

Department of Medicine – Section of Critical Care Associates

Dr. J. Laing

Department of Family Medicine – Urban

Dr. E. Laing
Dr. C. Osuagwu
Dr. S. Javadi

Department of Surgery – Section of General Surgery

Dr. G. Daoust-Lafond

Department of Emergency Medicine

Dr. A. Goodday


Recruitment Highlights

Section of Internal Medicine

We successfully recruited two General Internal Medicine Specialists to join the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, Department of Medicine, Section of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Tom Perron, originally from Alberta, relocated to Saskatoon in 2007. Dr. Perron went on to obtain his Doctor of Medicine, complete his Internal Medicine residency program and his General Internal Medicine subspecialty at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Perron is a general internist with a specialization in gender transition medicine. Dr. Tom Perron will be joining us July 1, 2016.

Dr. Alyssa Shariff, originally from Alberta, completed her Doctor of Medicine at the University of Calgary. In 2011 Dr. Shariff relocated to Saskatoon where she completed her Internal Medicine residency program. In 2014 she relocated back to Calgary to complete her General Internal Medicine subspecialty. She spent a portion of her fifth year developing extra skills in obstetric internal medicine as well as started work on a Masters in Global Health Policy through the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine via distance education. Dr. Shariff will be joining us July 22, 2016.

Department of Psychiatry

For approximately nine years the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region has been in a perpetual state of recruitment of Psychiatrists. However, we are happy to report that recently we have had significant success in both retention and recruitment of Psychiatrists.

We will have a stable amount of full-time and part-time Psychiatrists with the inclusion of one new General Adult Psychiatrist joining us in July 2016, one new Geriatric Psychiatrist joining us in August 2016 and one new Child Psychiatrist joining us in November 2016. We continue to work closely with the residents from the University of Saskatchewan and are hopeful that we will successfully recruit one resident who will be completing her residency in summer 2017.