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New Outpatient Clinic for Geriatric Services


Geriatric Services are expanding its services. The GSRT will now be offering outpatient comprehensive geriatric assessments for clients over the age of 65 years. This may include concerns related to frequent falls/fall risks, functional assessment, cognitive/memory evaluation and persistent pain. The assessments will be offered to residents in southern Saskatchewan who can travel to the out-patient clinic in Regina. For clients outside of Regina consultations through TeleHealth will be considered.

Under the Geriatric Services program, the Resource Team provides community-based support to clients, families and care teams in the five southern health regions.  The interprofessional team includes a Social Worker, Pharmacist, Occupational Therapist, Continuing Care Consultants and Nurse Practitioner.  Medical management is provided by a Geriatric Psychiatrist and Family Physician with an interest in geriatrics.  

Out-patient assessments will be conducted at a clinic located in Wascana Rehabilitation Centre (WRC), this may also include a home visit. To access this service please complete the attached referral form. You may be contacted if more information is required.  Following the comprehensive assessment by the interprofessional team, a consultation summary will be provided.   Proposed medication changes or further investigations/tests will be suggested as recommendations, not unilaterally initiated by the team.

For clients living in urban long-term care (LTC) facilities, there is an option to request an onsite physician consultation for persistent pain. The physician will provide a one-time consultation.  A consultation summary will be provided to the most responsible physician.  

Geriatric Services will continue to offer:

Responsive Behaviour Consultations: the GSRT provides onsite assessments to clients with responsive behaviours secondary to established cognitive disorders, mental illness, and acquired brain injury.  The primary focus is to optimize the client’s condition in their current environment with outreach support.  For clients with diagnosed dementia whose responsive behaviours cannot be safely or effectively managed in their current environment, the Geriatric Services Resource Team may recommend temporary admission to the Dementia Assessment Unit located at WRC. A geriatric psychiatrist reviews all clients who have been referred to the team.

Geriatric Psychiatry Consultation: Clients residing in RQHR can be referred to a Geriatric Psychiatrist by a family physician or nurse practitioner for mental health concerns.  Access to psychiatry services through Geriatric Services includes a “clinic style” model in urban LTC or TeleHealth consultation for rural LTC clients.  (For clients residing in the community or acute care, access to services is through Mental Health).

The Geriatric Services referral form must be completed for all requests for assessments and signed by a family physician or nurse practitioner.  Additional referral forms are available from the RQHR Intranet, athttp://rhdintranet/RRCC/Default.htm or by contacting Geriatric Services - 306-766-5872. 

Completed referral forms can be faxed to Geriatric Services at 306-766-5845.