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New cellphone use policy


The Management of Personal Communication Devices (PCDs)/Mobile Devices in Highly Instrumental Clinical Areas policy is another way in which we keep our patients safe. The RQHR PCD management policy and procedure has been approved and signed into effect by our CEO. This policy supports the prevention of possible Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) with electronic medical equipment that may cause the equipment to fail or malfunction and impact patient safety.

The purpose of the policy is:

  • To create the safest possible environment in which to utilize electronic medical equipment in the delivery of care to patients.
  • To continue to advance a culture of safety - all staff and practitioners are empowered to intervene in any process or situation when potential sources of harm or injury are identified.

The key item contained in the policy, for the safety of patients, is that a personal communication device (ie. a cell phone) be used only when at least one meter or an arms length away from electronic medical equipment.

As part of the region's ongoing effort to create a culture of safety and shared ownership for the elimination of patient and staff injury, the RQHR expects, and is in support of everyone – staff, students, volunteers, contract workers, practitioners, and patients/ families taking steps to adhere to safe practices, including compliance with policy/procedure governing the care and safety of patients.

Please reference RQHR Policy and Procedure #601 below, for more information. 

Shortly, you will notice signage posted within regional facilities in both common and high risk areas.


You are encouraged to discuss this at department and section meetings , and can contact Daryl Gottselig @ 766-4514 for any further information or support needed in your work area.


Policy 601 - Cellphone use

Published: 21-Jun-2016