New and Updated PPOs December 2017

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New and Updated PPOs December 2017


There are no NEW PPOs this month.

The PPOs with MINOR revisions and/or updates are:
PP-011 Tunneled Cuffed Hemodialysis Catheter Care
PP-024 PEG Pre and Post Procedure
PP-059 Routine Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
PP-173 Alteplase Catheter Directed Thrombolysis Adult Vascular Surgery Intervention
PP-360 Adult Parenteral Nutrition
PP-390 Adult ICU Feeding Protocol
PP-496 NICU Total Body Cooling with Criticool for use in NICU
PP-524 Adult Enteral Tube Feeding - Acute Care
PP-584 Oncology Admission Orders

These, and all PPOs, may be found on the RQHR intranet PPO site: http://rqhweb/xpreprintedorders/ppohome.aspx

Please feel free to contact myself if you are unable to find a PPO or are looking for guidance in developing a PPO.

Submitted by: Jillian Norlander, PPO Clinical Nurse Specialist