New and Updated PPOs - April 2018

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New and Updated PPOs - April 2018


This is to inform all Saskatchewan Health Authority practitioner staff in the Regina Area (formerly RQHR) that the following new and revised/updated PPOs were made available for use on the PPO intranet site during the month of March. This information is also available on the PPO intranet site, following the link titled: "Check Monthly New & Revised PPOs" http://rqhwebdev/xPpo_update/Default.aspx

The New PPOs are:
PP-570 Adult Acetaminophen Overdose Acetylcysteine (Mucomyst©, NAC) 21 Hour IV Infusion
PP-632 Bakri® Balloon for Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage
PP-635 Medical Imaging with General Anesthetic Post-Procedure Orders for Adults
PP-636 Medical Imaging with General Anesthetic Post-Procedure Orders for PEDIATRICS

The Revised or Updated PPOs are:
PP-301 Department of Anesthesia Pre-Operative Orders
PP-343 Pregnancy of Unknown Location For Patients Presenting for Pregnancy Termination
PP-434 Deep Vein Thrombosis/Pulmonary Embolism Prophylaxis for Adult Trauma Patients
PP-482 Surgical Termination of Pregnancy
PP-582 Comfort Measures Only (Adult) in Critical Care

The PPOs with MINOR revisions and/or updates are:
PP-157 Admission to the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Program
PP-566 Port-a-Catheter or Tunneled Intravenous Catheter (TIC) Insertion Interventional Radiology
PP-621 Post Op Thyroidectomy / Parathyroidectomy

The new PPO Intranet page went live on March 20th. As mentioned in previous correspondence, there have only been a few minor changes and additions to the site. Please continue to contact me if you have any problems and or concerns with the site and I will attempt to address them myself, or forward to the appropriate person(s).

The purpose is to ensure that all areas are using the most updated versions of the PPOs that are approved in the Regina area. These, and all PPOs, may be found on the RQHR intranet PPO site: http://rqhwebdev/xPpo/default.aspx

Please feel free to contact myself if you are unable to find a PPO or are looking for guidance in developing a PPO.

Submitted by: Jillian Norlander, PPO Clinical Nurse Specialist