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New and Updated PPOs


The revised or updated PPOs are as follows:

PP-047 Preoperative Retinal Detachment, Vitrectomy and/or Cryotherapy
PP-048 Postoperative Retinal Detachment & Vitrectomy
PP-310 Laxative Prep for Gallium Scan
PP-323 Home Care Admission Orders
PP-578 Guided Biopsy Post Procedure
PP-586 Guided Biopsy Pre Procedure
PP-590 4A Accountable Care Unit Oral Nutritional Supplement with or without medication


Deleted PPOs:

PP-285 Straight Catheter/Bladder Irrigation for Bladder Drainage
PP-408 Facet/Sacroiliac Joint Rhizotomy Post Procedure – Interventional Radiology and CT 

The purpose of this email is to ensure that all areas are using the most updated versions of the PPOs, that are approved in our health region.  If your area is batch printing PPOs, it is important to take note of these, to ensure that old PPOs are removed and new ones are put in their place and are ready for use.

These, and all PPOs, may be found on the RQHR intranet PPO site: http://rqhweb/xpreprintedorders/ppohome.aspx

Please feel free to contact myself if you are unable to find a PPO or are looking for guidance in developing a PPO.

Jillian Norlander, RN, BScN
PPO Clinical Nurse Specialist
Practitioner Staff Affairs
Regina General Hospital – 1B
1440 14th Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 0W5
(306)766-0742 office