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New Allergy/Intolerance Policy


The new Allergy/Intolerance Policy and Procedure (RQHR 518) are being rolled out November 13th.

Highlights of this new policy and procedure include:

  • All admitted patients in the RQHR will have the Allergy/Intolerance Record completed and placed on the front of the chart in a red sleeve.
  • The Allergy/Intolerance Record is the only location where allergies will be documented – all other forms with allergy sections will have a reference “See Allergy/Intolerance Record”.
  • Visual cues will be utilized to alert staff to patient allergies – red wrist bands will be applied in areas where patient identification bands are utilized; red stickers will be applied to the front of the health record where patient identification bands are not utilized.
  • Allergies will be entered in SCM on the facility board only at this time – further development of an Allergy tab in SCM will occur as Computer Physician Order Entry is developed and SCM can be interfaced with various systems.
  • A copy of the Allergy/Intolerance Record will be sent with the patient on discharge/transfer.

If there are any questions, please contact Sarah Hogg, RN, Documentation Coordinator at

Submitted by: Sarah Hogg, Documentation Coordinator, Clinical Quality & Professional Practice