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Medicine Inpatient Bed Allocation – We all need to be patient


As of January 9, Unit 4B opened at the Pasqua Hospital. This followed an intense planning and implementation effort by a great team. Twenty patients were transferred from the Emergency Department and Code Burgundy on that day. It is now operating at its full capacity of 24 patients. However, in addition to the opening of 4B the Hospitalist service moved to the Pasqua and the Regina Association of Hospital Doctors (RAHD) group service was relocated in its entirety to Unit 5E at the General Hospital.

Due to the migration of staff from 3D and the Emergency Departments, significant new hiring has been required for these units, meaning that there is a reduction in 8 beds and 3 over capacity beds on 3D.  This challenge will be resolved with the additional hiring but not before the end of March 2017.

So in the meantime, we all need to be patient.  The Emergency Department transfer of patients to the wards may be slower.  The consolidation of all RAHD patients on 5E will take time.  The challenges for the Bedline staff are considerable.  I believe that the plan is very good for the long term; however, in the short term we will continue to resolve problems as they arise.

Eventually we see all inpatient medical units operating within the principles of the Accountable Care Unit, with:

  1. Unit-based co-leadership;
  2. Structured interdisciplinary bedside rounds, shift-to-shift bedside handover, and other communication protocols;
  3. Unit-based metrics informing management and clinical practices;
  4. Geographic based units.

In summary, please bear with us as this significant transformation of care proceeds.  Please realize that it will take considerable time for us all to adapt to the new way and culture of work.

If you want any further information, please contact Dr. David McCutcheon at 306-766-3505 or email