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Medicine Bed Capacity Update


In the past two weeks, consultations have taken place with various groups to understand the scope and complexity of enhancing our medicine bed capacity to meet the demands of our winter patient surge.  The purpose of this work is to ensure patient flow by enabling the patient to get access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time, by the right provider.  We know that this will be achieved by providing timely, appropriate access to safe, high quality care through minimizing delays in the system. 

What you and your team need to know:

  • Senior Leadership Team has approved a small-scale renovation at the Pasqua Hospital’s unit 5D. The goal is to create a more functional space than is currently available.Work will begin immediately. 
  • Any other decisions beyond this are still being explored at this time. No other decisions for changes have been made. Further consultation is required, including discussions with the Ministry of Health and other key stakeholders.
  • Walk-throughs in several areas of our system have already occurred. It is anticipated that these walk-throughs will continue throughout the coming weeks.

We are committed to updating and communicating with staff as information is made available. Leaders are encouraged to use communication tools (such as these messages), to facilitate regular conversations with their teams and escalate questions or concerns in a constructive and appropriate way.  At all times, our over-arching strategic messages around access and patient flow cannot be emphasized enough.

Questions and feedback are welcomed and will be incorporated into future updates on this initiative.

November 4 Medicine Bed Capacity Update

To further the Region’s commitment to access and patient flow, a team has been working to add additional medicine beds to better meet the needs of our patients year-round and during the winter surge January 1st – March 31st

Over the last two weeks much progress has been made on the reallocation of space allowing us to get closer to our goal of adding additional medicine beds by January 2017.

What you and your teams need to know:

  • On October 23 and 26th the Infusions and Therapies moves were successfully completed. 
  • As of November 19th the Alternative Level of Care (ALC) unit will move from 4B into the newly renovated 5D temporarily, while a long-term home for that unit is identified.
  • On November 20th renovations will begin to create a new medicine unit on 4B.

Please share this information with your teams as it is important for staff to understand the proactive changes taking place.

Thank you for all your patience and hard work. It is our collective effort that will help us better prepare to meet our patient’s needs now and into the future.