Medication Reconciliation on Transitions

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Medication Reconciliation on Transitions


A pilot project on units 1D, AU, 3F, 5E, 6A and SICU at RGH and 3D at Pasqua will trial an electronic medication reconciliation form.

I am very pleased to announce that this very important patient safety initiative and an Accreditation Canada requirement is coming to the RQHR in October 2017. After a year of attempting to implement a very labour intensive manual process we have finally been able to produce an electronic form. This document will be produced by the Pharmacy Information System (PIP) that currently creates the Medication Administration Records and the Medication Profiles.

A pilot project, involving the following patient units, will begin in October 2017. The selected units are 1D, AU, 3F, 5E, 6A and SICU at RGH and 3D at the Pasqua. Standard work has been developed that will be slightly customized on each unit. It will involve a profile clean up, prior to printing the report, by an assigned individual on the unit. This report will then be reconciled by the Most Responsible Physician through a process very similar to the PIP on admission. I do want to emphasize that the report printed only reflects the medications that are active on the medication profile on the day it is printed. The report will be used as the prescription that can be faxed to the pharmacy, given to the patient or sent to the facility receiving the patient on transfer.

Nursing staff involved with this project are currently discussing possible processes with their nursing and physician colleagues. They will create the customized standard work that will be trialled in October. A task force will follow the progress of the trial and make any necessary revisions to ensure easy implementation for these and future units. It is hoped that all units in Regina will have this process implemented prior to Christmas.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation in this very important patient safety initiative.

Submitted by: Kelly Babcock and Steve Klotz, Co-Chairs of Medication Use/Safety interdisciplinary Committee (MUSIC)