Medical staff volunteers to serve the evacuees

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Medical staff volunteers to serve the evacuees


Sally, your immediate response “of course we will help” was great and the ongoing support provided by the FMU team was deeply appreciated. The dedication and quality of the work of all our health professionals has been recognised by our Senior Leadership Team members and by the Ministry of Health.

A second call for help was responded to by many members of the Department of Family Medicine who volunteered but were not subsequently needed. The region is deeply grateful for the support from all who served or indicated that they would serve.

The team providing the coverage included Drs Sally Mahood, Kathy Lawrence Rocha Michael Luu, Dr. Julia Fox Dr. Megan Clark Kelly Mieske, Laura Marshall and Dr. Sara Liskowich. The service was provided from July 2nd till the service was discontinued on July 16th as the evacuees were returning to their homes.

The Region, through Dr McCutcheon would like to once again express its deepest gratitude to Dr Mahood, Dr Luu and your colleagues for the excellent care provided to the evacuees at Evraz Place.