Medical Staff Ideas for Care Improvements are Being Considered

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Medical Staff Ideas for Care Improvements are Being Considered


There are at least six medical staff ideas that have been identified to the Senior Leadership Team that are under consideration:

1. Early Pregnancy Clinic

Under the leadership of Dr Corrine Jabs this proposal would have early pregnancy concerns seen and managed within the Women’s Health Centre. This proposal provides a much better environment for women to be seen and managed outside the bustle of the ED. It is estimated that approximately 1000 patients will be seen annually in this clinic. It will afford a more empathetic approach to the management of these women and will bring more women into earlier and comprehensive pre-natal care.

2. Acute Pain Service

Dr Theo le Roux is the sponsor for this proposal which will bring more effective pain control to patients after surgery and trauma and other conditions. The proposal would have a pain management team providing pain management advice according to protocol.

3. Chronic Pain Service

Again sponsored by Dr le Roux this program will provide a greatly improved service. Patients will be more effectively managed within a formal program with dedicated times for the service and full support from nursing within the surgical program.

4. Trauma Program

This program proposal from the Trauma Committee which has been brilliantly supported by Dr Jag Rau and Jamie Appel, has had a tortuous course through the approval process. We were given the assurance by the Ministry that we would be the model program for the Province but that has not yet materialised and indeed Saskatoon has implemented its program, albeit in RQHR’s view inferior in design to its proposal. Innovative funding approaches are being considered in conjunction with the SMA. Please stay tuned for an implementation date.

5. TAVI Program

TAVI, which is Trans-Catheter Aortic Valve Insertion, is a program proposal from our Cardiology Section of the Department of Medicine. Dr Jeff Betcher who was trained at the Mayo Clinic in this technique is ready willing and able to commence this program. Currently patients must travel to Calgary for the program. These patients are not candidates for cardiac surgery because of significant co-morbidities factors which also often preclude the travel to Calgary. The CEO has requested a special meeting with the Ministry to address this and the trauma program proposal.

6. The Approach Submission

This proposal which is also from the Section of Cardiology, is requesting the reinstatement of the RQHR database so that cardiac intervention outcomes can be compared nationally. Currently the CIHI data is not comprehensive enough to evaluate all outcomes from out Cardiology Service. This database is also seen as essential to the development of the research plan within Cardiosciences. The Senior Leadership Team is currently considering the proposal for the renewal of the database.