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May Update on Healthcare Transformation


Each week, Keith Dewar, our President and CEO, speaks to the organization about the ongoing provincial transition and touches on topics and questions that many of us are asking as this change is taking place. These messages also celebrate the many successes that we have as a region, including those with physician involvement. I would encourage all physicians to please take time to read Transformation Talk each week in your email inbox, and use them for discussion with your colleagues about how physicians can contribute to this change in a positive, patient-centred way.

Some important information from recent Transformation Talk messages include:

  • The name of the new organization will be the Saskatchewan Health Authority, with a head office based in Saskatoon.  That said, the Authority is clear that they are committed to a decentralized governance model, so while some head office jobs will be located in Saskatoon, many leadership roles will be dispersed geographically throughout the province in Integrated Service Areas (ISAs).  The majority of staff, physicians, and most importantly our patients, should be unaffected by this move.
  • The Authority recently began accepting applications for the CEO position with a closing date of May 24, 2017.  This individual is expected to begin their role by the end of August.  In the coming weeks, we also anticipate an announcement regarding the new Board of Directors.
  • Two physicians have joined the provincial Transition Team: Dr. Bruce Murray is a pathologist in North Battleford and the Senior Medical Officer for Prairie North Health Region, and Dr. Kevin Wasko is a family physician in Swift Current, President of the Cypress Regional Medical Association and has served on several committees of the Saskatchewan Medical Association.  Together, their work will directly align with two work streams (Clinical Services and Governance) and they will lead work in the areas of bylaws, clinical and operational governance, the academic mandate, and involving the community of physicians across the province in all aspects of transition work.

To learn more:

If you happen to miss one of Keith's updates, you can also find them in e-link, the RQHR employee newsletter:

The provincial Transition team also provides weekly updates each Wednesday.  You can view these updates at the following link:;

Questions, comments and feedback about RQHR's role in the transition can be sent