Invitation to Participate in Varicose Vein Clinical Development Team

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Invitation to Participate in Varicose Vein Clinical Development Team


A project team that will look at appropriateness of referrals and shared decision-making for patients with varicose veins is looking for members.

Dear Family Practice Providers,

As a primary care provider who has referred patients for varicose vein treatment in the past, I am inviting you to join the Clinical Development Team for a Provincial Appropriateness of Care Program project entitled “Improving Appropriate Referrals and Shared Decision Making for Patients with Varicose Veins.” The project team is led by myself and supported by the Ministry of Health.

Varicose veins account for 30-50 per cent of the patient volume seen by vascular surgeons in RQHR. This project seeks to improve the patient experience in care for varicose veins by:

  1. Improving the appropriateness of referrals for patients with varicose vein conditions through implementation of a standard referral form and communications with family physicians and GPs.
  2. Increasing patient involvement in treatment decision-making through implementing Sharing Decision Making tools.

Through this project we hope that patients will have increased satisfaction with their treatment choice and improved outcomes and quality of life.

The project team is looking to recruit two to three family practice providers to join the team. The project has been approved by the Physician Compensation Quality Improvement Program so your time will be compensated. Your involvement would entail about 10 hours (1.5-hour meetings) and would include the following:

  • Develop a standard referral form based on scientific evidence, and shared decision making (SDM) materials such as patient decision aids/information (e.g. video clips, written materials to provide treatment options, risks and benefits, etc.)
  • Trial the project outcomes for three months (collect data and feedback from physicians and patients)
  • Revise the referral form and the SDM materials based on feedback and lessons learned from the trial

If you are interested in joining the project team, please respond to myself, by email, phone 306-766-6900 or fax 306-766-6920.

Thank you for your consideration.
Dr. David Kopriva