Improving the Appropriateness of Care in RQHR

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Improving the Appropriateness of Care in RQHR


In the summer of 2016 the Provincial Appropriateness of Care Program met with all Saskatchewan RHAs to determine what supports were needed to build regional structure/capacity in regards to improving the appropriateness of care within their RHA. RQHR’s response to this was that we were in need of dedicated data analysis resource(s).

Fast forward to the fall of 2016 when confirmation of a funding agreement between the MOH and RQHR for this resource was received. The recruitment process began and we are pleased to announce that as of February 13, 2017 Michelle Degelman has joined the Appropriateness of Care (AC) team as a biostatistician.

Michelle will have many accountabilities in her role including, but not limited to supporting:

  • 5 physicians enrolled in the Clinical Quality Improvement Program
    • Milo Fink, RQHR – Patient Handovers
    • Ron Taylor, RQHR – Accountable Care Unit Optimization and Replication
    • Senthil Damodharan, RQHR – Common Pediatric Mental Health Referral Pathway
    • Marcie Heggie, Sunrise – Outpatient COPD Care
    • Shamsuddin Fakhir, Cypress – Pediatric Clinical Pathways
  • Pre-operative testing project – regional and provincial components
  • CT Lumbar Spine provincial project – RQHR and FHHR are test sites
  • Any other clinical quality improvement (QI) projects initiative under the provincial AC Program, the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA)’s AC initiative; and
  • AC projects initiated within RQHR’s Appropriateness and Medical Quality Program, the Transfusion Safety Program and the Anti-microbial Stewardship Committee.

If you would like to connect with Michelle to discuss a project, her email is

Submitted by:  Robyn Shenner, Medicine Quality & Strategy Business Unit