Geographic Bed Distribution on 4A and 6F

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Geographic Bed Distribution on 4A and 6F


Improving the quality of care for patients and the quality of working life for our doctors and nurses

Doctors and nurses taking care of patients in the Medicine Inpatient Units (MIUS) have for a long time described a frustration of not really knowing each other as team members. On one Gemba walk Dr McCutcheon counted 22 different doctors as MRP for the patients on one Unit!! Now there is a new opportunity to establish effective care teams. The first phase of the reform of inpatient management took place on November 27th. That phase is called Geographic Bed Distribution and Protection. The plan is that clinical services will be provided exclusively on specific units thus giving doctors a real chance to identify with their colleagues on the care team.

As of November 27th 18 beds on 4A at the Pasqua Hospital are designated hospitalist beds. One hospitalist group will manage their patients exclusively on that Unit. The Hospitalists and the nurses on 4A can then form more cohesive teams and collectively be more effective in the delivery of their plan of care for their patients.

This reform is also being implemented for the Clinical Teaching Unit on 6F. All CTU patients will now be managed on 6F.

The next phase of that plan will occur on January 15th at which time 4A at the Pasqua will exclusively become a Hospitalist Unit for two hospitalist groups. On that same day the Medical Surveillance Unit will also become a hospitalist unit. Also, on January 15th the Accountable Care Unit program (which is described separately in this issue of The Physician) will be implemented at the Pasqua on units 4A and the MSU.

The ultimate plan is to implement this concept across all MIUs.