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General Internal Medicine Update


The General Internal Medicine program across both in-patient sites is undergoing major transformation.

The section has now introduced a two segment week-long program of care at the Pasqua Hospital.  The service now comprises a consultation service and an in-patient service.

Physicians are now providing better support for in-patient care with a better quality of working life and less risk of burnout.  As of March 10th the in-patient service will liaise daily with the Hospitalist program so that there can be more effective joint management of many of the patients admitted to the inpatient medical service at the Pasqua.

The intention is to ensure that patients have daily access to timely evaluation and that patients are more effectively and more rapidly managed within the Pasqua. 

Drs. M. Bohn and L. Jarikre have elected to retire from the inpatient service and we thank them for many years of service.

There are still many issues to be resolved and members of the Section are working collaboratively to polish the program of care, not only across both sites, but also in the community. 

We commend the group whose members have worked so hard following the receipt of the Sunnybrook Report.  We will provide further updates as the transformation progresses.

Submitted by:  Dr. David McCutcheon, Vice President, Physician & Integrated Health Services