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Free Chronic Pain workshops


We all want to live well and do the things we want, but what if you live with chronic pain or chronic disease?

More than half of Canadians over twenty live with chronic disease and about 15 per cent of live with two or more chronic diseases concurrently. Asthma, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, chronic pain(s), irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions require individuals to learn how to manage their symptoms to live a productive, healthy life.

RQHR offers LiveWell with Chronic Conditions and LiveWell with Chronic Pain, FREE community-based programs through the Health Promotion Department to participants and their support person(s). They offer patients the support they need and help them find practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue and learn about fitness, nutrition, evaluating treatments and how to talk with doctors and family about their health.

Workshops run over six weeks and groups meet once a week. The sessions cover a range of tools and strategies from weekly action planning to behaviour modelling and problem solving.

Two trained peer leaders co-lead the workshop and usually have a chronic condition(s) themselves. Workshops are fun, interactive and build participant’s confidence in managing their condition. LiveWell was developed by Stanford University and is used in over 20 countries. It has been proven to help improve the health of people with chronic conditions.

Health Promotion has a referral form for its LiveWell programs and motion program on RQHR’s webpage at, along with details and upcoming workshops. Referrals can be made by self, family member or health care professional. Participants must be willing and able to participant in a group environment and set goals. Both LiveWell programs are offered in the Region on a regular basis. To register, call 306-766-7370 or fax a referral form to 306-766-7489.