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Enovation Replacement Project – 5 Minute Update


Providing safe, high quality care to our patients is Job #1 and we are moving forward to ensure that the implementation of the Sunrise Enterprise Registration (SER) system results in a dependable, high quality system that supports the safest care possible continues.

The project team is working towards a February 25, 2017  date for a fully implemented SER system – this date has been pushed back from December 5, 2016.   

Operational workflows will continue to change to  ensure  that SER system functionality and business processes are aligned when Enovation is no longer available.  Some changes include: 

  • Patient Alerts that are currently identified in Enovation i.e. Maternal Risk, Suspected Child Abuse Notification (SCAN), Anesthetic Risk, No Visitors/No Personal Information will be entered directly into SCM and will be done at the point of care by the care team.  Training will be combined with the process for order entry  and is scheduled to take placeJanuary 9th, 11th and 12th-  target audience for  training is nursing and social workers. The “go live” date for these changes will be confirmed shortly.    
  • The Regional Infection Prevention & Control Department (IPCD) , Health Services and Information Technology are working closely to standardize workflow processes for  “Infection Control” alerts.  Training for the IPCD team has been done and data is being entered.  Further training for nursing is in development and a “go live”is being confirmed.    
  • As of February 1, 2017, all patient care orders that are entered into Enovation will be done in SCM – examples of these orders include medical imaging, cardio neuro diagnostics, and therapy services. “Super User”  training on the process to  enter orders into SCM will take place January 9th , 11th and 12th ,2017.      
  • At Sunrise Enterprise Registration (SER) system “go live”, “patient lists” that are  currently generated in Enovation  will cease to exist – work is underway to engage physician groups to identify and address their needs for  obtaining  patient lists in SCM.  By February 24, 2017 utilization of SCM patient lists will be fully implemented.   
  • On February 24, 2017, the nursing worksheet that is currently generated in Enovation will also be unavailable, the SCM “care handover report” will be utilized as the replacement.  A standardized “care handover report” has been developed and is currently in use in many areas - implementation across care areas prior to SER “go live” is underway. 

Some additional items of note: 

  • A  review of all of the  Enovation reports  (i.e the admission list and summary) has been done, and has included engagement of  multiple users across the organization.  The “five why” questions have been asked , and included, “what reports are being generated?”, “who uses the report and why – is the report still needed?”, “where are the reports being generated?” and , “when and how are the reports being used  – can multiple reports be combined into one?”  Over the next six weeks report content and layout will be finalized.   
  • Patient “allergies/intolerances” will be documented in SCM.  Standardized work processes foridentifying patient allergies/intolerances and the documentation of them in SCM is in development.  Information Technology and Health Services have come together in partnership for this development.  Meetings are underway and “go live “ will be confirmed following the implementation of SER.    
  • Due to printing delays, standard multi-part outpatient registration forms (pink sheets) will begin to roll out early December and will conclude mid-January, 2017.  Reminder – changes were only made to the form’s format, not to the content! 

Anyone in your area who would benefit from an SCM refresher, or who will need to be given SCM access and training should be reminded that IT has some options for learning and support, including: 

-Scheduled Instructor Led Orientation – contact the IT Support Centre to register: 306.766.7979
-Instructional Videos available on the RQHR Intranet 


As this exciting project moves forward, please watch for updates that will continue to come your way!  

Who can I call if I have any questions? 

Randy Orban
Project Manager - Enovation Replacement Project  

Lori Hopfauf   
Knowledge and Technology Services