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Empowering your Patient – Goals of Care Discussions


Over the past year, with the support of Dr. McCutcheon, the ACP team has developed an Advance Care Planning – Goals of Care Champion Group. This group includes 13 physicians from key Medical Departments providing valuable feedback and input into ACP/GOC related policy, procedure, process and education tools and resources for physicians.

The My Voice for Life Sustaining Treatment Order (MVLST) Goals of Care is the RQHR legal document to record a patient’s GOC and CPR status following a discussion with the patient and the MRP. The MVLST replaces physician orders for code status and the use of terminology such as DNR and CTC. Physicians can complete the MVLST with their patient, in the physician office/clinic or when the patient is hospitalized. Accompanying documentation is essential and can be dictated under work type #19 if the patient is in hospital. A copy of the completed MVLST can be given to the patient for their personal records.

Questions? Concerns? Want more information? Contact the ACP Program office: 306-766-5922 or email: advancecare@rqhealth.ca or go to http://rhdintranet/advancecareplanning/default.htm; or