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Electronic Charting Is Near


Planning for Physician eClinical Documents Phase II in SCM continues.

Planning for Physician eClinical Documents (eClin Docs) Phase II in SCM continues. The workgroup has been working with the next group who will begin utilizing the eClin Docs which have been developed. These include but may not be limited to Cardiology, Nephrology, Critical Care, CCA's, CTU's. Currently our clinical informatics leads in IT are working to orientate physicians who will utilize the new documentation starting in Mar and April. Specific date TBD.

Also underway is continued work to migrate our current users of Mmodal Fluency Direct in SCM to the 3s Database. We have this now installed in our test environment and are targeting the final migration by end of March.

HIMS continues to strategize as part of the eClin Doc group on quality assurance measures that may be helpful as we transition to a self-editing model of clinical documentation by physicians. This is key in the desire to move forward with real time completion and distribution of Discharge Summaries. This in turn will facilitate, using a new tool that can be utilized with Discharge Summaries called 'auto-faxing', real time distribution of the Discharge Summary to Primary Care Providers in the Community directly from SCM.

Lastly, the new Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic documents went live in SCM as planned in January. These can now be viewed in SCM by all care-providers who have access in the Documents tab.

To request access to SCM either onsite at an RQHR facility or from an external site with an internet connection or Apple mobile device, please contact the IT Support Centre at 1-888-316-7446 or at servicedesk@eHealthSask.ca.

Submitted by: Denise Mirva, Director, Patient Point of Care IT Services