Critical Lab Values - Communication Post In-Patient Discharge

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Critical Lab Values - Communication Post In-Patient Discharge


Upon acute care discharge lab values will be sent directly to requesting physician

Across Canada, including within the Saskatchewan Health Authority - Regina Area, patient harm has occurred in relation to the lack of process in communicating critical lab values to those patients whom have been discharged from acute care inpatient units.

With this knowledge, a small working group with key stakeholders was formed, tasked with identifying a clear process to ensure timely and appropriate communication to the patient. Effective immediately when lab calls an inpatient unit to communicate critical lab values and the patient has been identified as being discharged from acute care, the lab employee will initiate their protocol for communicating the critical lab value directly to the Requesting Physician. The lab will contact the Requesting Physician using the documented phone number in the Laboratory Information System to communicate the critical lab value.

When the Emergency Department is contacted with a Critical Value for patients seen in the ER, the ER will inform the most responsible physician or the patient directly.

One of the responsibilities of having privileges to order laboratory tests is to be available (or have coverage) to receive critical lab reports. Saskatchewan Health Authority Regina area Laboratory Services will contact physicians to communicate all out-patient Critical Lab Values.

Submitted by: Members of the working group - Taryn Lorenz, Virginia Marsh, Dona Braun, Vicki Ehrlich, and Amy Strudwick