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COPD pathway update


As you are aware, we have been working together with our colleagues from the University of Saskatchewan including Dr. Darcy Marciniuk in recent months on a clinical pathway for COPD in the RQHR. The aim has been to improve access to services required by patients with COPD in the community, thereby reducing reliance on acute care services and preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and Emergency Department visits. Your inputs through individual discussions, feedback at the department of Family Medicine and section of Respirology meetings, as well as various other forums, have guided the priorities and path of this work to date. So far there has been an increase in community based spirometry services, more than 80 clinicians receiving training in spirometry interpretation and the rollout of community based COPD rehabilitation services just to name a few improvements.

As we continue this work, we look to you for feedback regarding the next step which involves the selection of clinical practice guidelines on which to base the COPD pathway. Evidence-based peer reviewed academic literature contains numerous clinical practice guidelines from which to choose including the guidelines from the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) which most of us utilize in our daily practice. For ease of reference these guidelines can be found at As such, we do not anticipate any objections to basing the COPD pathway development on the CTS guidelines but would like to use this opportunity for your input. Please contact any of us by email by Monday, June 27, 2016 after which the decision will be to use the CTS guidelines.

Thank you for your ongoing attention and involvement in this work.


Dr. P.C. Patel Respirologist

Dr. F. Williams Hospitalist and Primary Health Care

Dr. R. Hansia Family Physician and Primary Health Care