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Computerized Provider Order Management (CPOM) Needs You!


As many of you know, work is underway to implement a Computerized Provider/Physician Order Management (CPOM) system within the tertiary acute care hospitals in Regina and Saskatoon.  A Physician Advisory Committee is included as a component of the governance structure for the project.

Many of you are already champions of the CPOM project and have added valued contributions to the discussions so far – this has been very much appreciated!

A Physician Advisory Committee will be formed made up of representation from medical departments from both Regina and Saskatoon, with goal to assist with the development of electronic provider patient care orders.

If you have interest in participating on this advisory committee please let us know! Email or call and let us know and for more information:

Dr. Shane Wunder - phone (306) 766-5402 or email
Lori Hopfauf - phone (306) 766-6873 or email
Dr. G. Sridhar - phone (306) 766-4881 or email

Thanks so much…and don’t forget…the Day in the Life sessions on Sept. 20 and 21 – see you there.  

Submitted by: Lori Hopfauf, Clinical Information Specialist