Colleague arrivals, departures and changes to medical leadership

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Colleague arrivals, departures and changes to medical leadership


Practitioner Staff Arrivals and Departures


Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Godwin Udoh

Department of Family Medicine
Dr. Evan Franko
Dr. Carla Barkman
Dr. Maria Eskandar
Dr. Suruchi Goswami
Dr. Sayed Reza Nourian
Dr. Stanley Ojiako

Resignations / Retirements

Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. Joy Dobson – Retired

Department of Family Medicine
Dr. R. Chapple
Dr. T. El Mays
Dr. K. Mieske
Dr. N. Sood – Retired

Department of Imaging
Dr. M. Butcher
Dr. J. Rice

Medicine, Section of Gastroenterology
Dr. W. Lewis – Retired

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. B. Brydon – Retired


Changes in Medical Leadership

Appointment of Dr Kunal Goyal as Department Head of Medical Imaging

Following a national search conducted by the search firm Ogders Berndtson, a recommendation by the selection committee to the Senior Medical Officer, consultation with the Practitioner Advisory Committee and subsequent recommendation by the Senior Medical Officer, Mr Keith Dewar CEO of RQHR has appointed Dr Kunal Goyal to be Head of the Department of Medical Imaging for a five year term from March 11th 2016.

Dr Goyal is a member of the Department of Medical Imaging and specialises in Interventional Radiology. Congratulations to Dr Goyal and we offer him our best wishes at this challenging time for Medical Imaging. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Winston Adams for the excellent work during his tenure as Head of the Medical Imaging Department.

Competitions for Heads of Departments of Surgery Medicine and Laboratory Medicine

According to the new rules governing the medical staff, the terms for the heads of the following Departments will expire this year. As per the new practice internal and national searches will be conducted for the Heads of the Departments of Surgery, Medicine and Laboratory Medicine. Advertising for those positions is in process with the anticipation that appointments will be made just in time for the end of the terms of Drs Ogrady, Abdulla and Alport. The many years of service by these three medical leaders will be honoured closer to their terms end.

Appointment of Co-Chair of Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

Following the resignation of Dr Betsy Brydon who served as Co-Chair of the Region’s P&T Committee for many years, Dr Jeff Betcher who was already a member of the committee has agreed to be co-chair. We offer our thanks to Dr Brydon for her excellent and dedicated service to the committee.