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Clinical Quality Plan


Just as Canada is asking you to get involved in participating in one of 150 ways in this year of celebration, RQHR is providing leadership to the province in the development of its Clinical Quality Plan.

Building on our successes in improving our documentation, care planning, certain aspects of Lab utilization, and other appropriateness projects, we are now expanding our horizon to build accountability into our eight drivers of quality patient care.  Over the next year, we will be asking you to participate in quality programs, initially commencing in five Sections or Departments, and three program areas.  We will build a plan to properly support a report card system for individuals, sections and programs so that eventually each member of the medical staff have a role to play in enhancing patient outcomes and their care experience, in addition to enhancing the satisfaction of our care teams. 

This large project will ask you to work with Senior Medical Leaders and Vice Presidents of Integrated Health Services as we adopt certain Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations and Intermountain Health practices.  Most importantly, ensure that these dimensions of quality of importance to you are incorporated into the plan for your Department, Section or program.

Each issue of The Physician will devote a section to this project which we believe will provide meaningful feedback on your contribution to the program.

Submitted by:  Dr. David McCutcheon, Vice President, Physician & Integrated Health Services