Chart Completion - May 2018 Update

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Chart Completion - May 2018 Update


Charts incomplete for more than 7 days will receive a notification

Each of you has been receiving a weekly notification of charts in your dictation section that are incomplete, whether overdue or not. Feedback on these notifications has been mixed. Some physicians appreciate being notified so that they can have greater confidence there will be no surprises in future. Other physicians do not want the 'clutter' in their email inbox. For this reason we have modified the notifications to only include incomplete charts that have been in your dictation section for more than 7 days. In this way I hope that you receive a notification if a dictation/chart did slip through your personal chart completion process without being done before it is too late to positively impact patient care while avoiding the sending of too many emails. Please let me know if this change is working better for you, or if you have further feedback on the chart completion strategy.

With regard to overdue charts (those that have been available for dictation for 7 days or more), I am encouraged that the chart completion strategy has resulted in progress, particularly within the Departments of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Surgery. Overall our backlog of overdue charts has reduced from a peak in February 2018 of 781 to 483 this week. Thank you to those individual physicians who have shown significant catch-up; I am sure your patients and physician colleagues appreciate it. As we are now two-thirds the way through a chart completion strategy that was initiated in February, I hope more physicians will take the opportunity to resolve their charting backlog prior to the end of June. At the end of June, Health Information Management Services will be notifying Practitioner Staff Affairs of their concerns about overdue charts and individual physician review will occur through the concerns handling process. There is a requirement within the SHA Working Practitioner Staff Provincial Rules, December 13, 2107 for all health records to be completed within a specified timeframe. The timeframe is usually within 24 hours, however, for discharge summaries it is "within 7 days of chart being made available for dictation".

Please contact me if you would like to provide feedback on the dictation systems or charting completion process. I appreciate your attention to patient care that is provided through appropriate communication that is both timely and targeted to patient needs. The attached graph shows the recent changes in total overdue charts in Health Information Management Services over the time of this charting strategy.

Submitted by: Dr. Juliet Soper, Area Chief of Staff - Regina