Chart Completion - April 2018 Update

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Chart Completion - April 2018 Update


As you are aware, I instigated a chart completion strategy last month. Timely completion of health records is an important part of patient care through its impact of quality of care transition between community and hospital-based services; this includes completion of discharge summaries and operative reports in addition to consultation notes. Patients and community colleagues value the advice they receive from hospital-based specialists and services and as the provider of that advice I hope you too place great value on it.

This month's graph of total overdue charts appears to show very little improvement. I am, however, encouraged that some physicians have managed to reduce their incomplete charts to zero. It is disappointing to see some new names on the regular list of overdue charts.

Each of you has been receiving a notification of incomplete health records if you have any charts in the Health Information Management Services (HIMS) Department that need completion. This is intended as a notification and was requested by your colleagues who expressed that sometimes they were not aware of charts in the HIMS Department. If you have any challenges with completion, please do not hesitate to inform your Area Department Lead or myself so that we can work with HIMS and colleagues to further improve the system. I hope that in the next two weeks we will provide every physician with a list of MRN numbers for the charts in their dictation slot that continue to need completion, and that we will be able to provide this on a monthly basis.

To finish, I would like to thank those physicians who have made progress with chart completion and would like to encourage those who have not made progress to get started.

Submitted by: Dr. Juliet Soper, Area Chief of Staff - Regina