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Changes happening in the Department of Psychiatry


September 9, 2015.

Dear Colleagues,

Re: An Update on the Changes Happening In The Department Of Psychiatry.

As a department we have embarked on the following in collaboration with our colleagues and partners at Mental Health and Addiction Services, RQHR.

1) We want to efficiently deliver both hospital and community components of our services and be inclusive and responsive to patients who are socially marginalised and vulnerable. We are aligning psychiatric resources to the needs and demands of the patients and the system.

1. A small number of psychiatrists will focus on hospital psychiatry services (some exclusively hospital psychiatry).

2. Others will focus on serving the community /outpatient services. We anticipate the overall capacity to provide outpatient services will increase (predominantly in the fee-for service psychiatrists)

3. We are scaling up psychiatric input to addiction services, long term care facilities and related programs.

2) We understand the anxieties during the transition process, but we are pleased to share that all the community psychiatrists have really stepped up and accepted the transfers. Until they are seen by the accepting psychiatrist, we assure you that the current psychiatrists will continue to be responsive to the urgent needs of those patients.

3) We continue to recruit new psychiatrists and we are hopeful that we will increase our capacity over the next few months to a year.

4) As a department we believe a ‘pooled referral’ system will be beneficial to our patients, referrers and psychiatrists. We wish to expand the ‘pooling’ which is happening now to a more robust system and we are working towards it. This is a consensus decision, and we wish to emphasise that it is not ‘mandated’ by RQHR or the Ministry.

5) RQHR’s Mental Health and Addiction Services is in the middle of patient and family focussed quality improvement and program redesign of services for patients with severe and persistent mental illness and patients in mental health crisis. Department of Psychiatry support those changes and will provide appropriate psychiatric input in the delivery of those redesigned programs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback.

Yours sincerely

Senthil Damodharan, Department Head, Phone 306.7666700

Mohamed Eisa, Section Head-Hospital Psychiatry,

Ladi Akeju, Section Head- Community Psychiatry,