Card Access for RGH Operating Room

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Card Access for RGH Operating Room


Effective immediately, the Regina General Hospital operating rooms will become locked down units only accessible by authorized personnel via an identification card swipe mechanism. This change has been implemented as a means to help ensure the safety of both our patients and the employees as well as to more accurately monitor the flow of equipment and supplies to and from the OR.

All personnel and physicians working in the operating rooms will be required to swipe their ID badges at the card readers in order to gain access to the OR. Should you require a new photo ID card, a replacement card can be obtained through Security Services at (306)766-3799.

The double doors at the main entrance of the OR have a card reader and will be locked 24/7 and require card access. In the event you are unable to gain access, there is a telephone located outside the door of main OR that is linked to our OR desk, who can facilitate access to the OR.

The double doors across from Day Surgery will remain locked until card access equipment is installed. Until that time, patients will be portered through PACU card accessed doors to the OR.

We have been working closely with all departments affected by this change in order to ensure proper access is granted.

Although we are anticipating a smooth transition, we are requesting your patience and understanding as we work through any problems that may arise.

Submitted by: Jennifer Erickson, Manager, RGH Operating Room