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Budget Direction/Hiring Freeze Information


Recently the region received information that provides a clearer picture of the financial situation of the province and the health system overall.

A news release was issued and is attached below. I imagine the news is not surprising to many of you; we have known for some time the financial challenges we are up against and considered this when we started planning for the 2016-17 fiscal year.  That said, today’s announcement is a continued reminder of the fiscal reality many areas of Government are facing.  Health care is no exception.

Above all, our commitment to quality and safety has not wavered.  Everyone has a right to safe, high quality health care provided in a safe environment.  This focus will continue to guide all of our decision-making in the best interests of our patients, clients, residents and their families.

We have always recognized our responsibility to ensure we are using all of our resources wisely.  As you know, there are many initiatives already underway to pay close attention to our spending and ensure a sustainable system is in place now, and into the future.  This includes our continued focus on administrative spending, our continued work on aligning staff resources with demand and our continued efforts to reduce the cost of supplies.  This focus will continue.

As part of the announcement we also learned about spending restrictions that have been directed, including a hiring freeze on positions deemed non-essential.  Exceptions will be made for front-line positions providing direct patient care and for positions critical to the health and safety of patients and operation of health regions.  In addition, management positions will remain vacant unless they directly affect patient care.  As more detail is known, I will work closely with your Senior Leadership Team to ensure you are informed.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment.

Keith Dewar, President and CEO