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Age Back on Blue Card


Optimal support for safe, high quality patient care is “job one” and a continuous quality improvement approach is taken when evaluating the implementation of any system or service.

Currently, with implementation of the Sunrise Enterprise Registration System, the patient’s age does not appear on the blue card.   Patient demographic information, including age, is available in SCM and can be readily reviewed with access to the system.  In order to provide an additional point for obtaining needed patient information – the patient’s age will be added back to the blue card and pink sheets (where in use).  

Beginning mid-November 2017, age will be displayed on the blue card and pink sheet as follows:

  • In days,  if age is less than 60 days
  • In months, if age between 61 days and 1 year
  • In years,  if age is beyond 1 year

Submitted by: Lori Hopfauf, Clinical Information Specialist