Accountable Care Unit (ACU) June Update

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Accountable Care Unit (ACU) June Update


As committed to in the March budget speech the provincial Ministry of Health, working with the Saskatoon and Regina Qu’Appelle Health Regions, is completing its consideration of proposals to propagate inpatient Accountable Care Units in Saskatoon and Regina.

Building on the successful pilot at the Pasqua Hospital, the Ministry is considering funding for the implementation in Regina on Unit 3D at the Pasqua to be followed six months later on Unit 5E at the General Hospital.   In addition to accountable inpatient care, the Ministry is also considering RQHR and SHR’s proposals to implement new models of primary health care delivery.

Planning for each is underway with approvals expected in the near future.  The final report on the RQHR pilot will be tabled in the near future at Senior Leadership Team. 

Submitted by:  Dr. David McCutcheon, Vice President, Physician & Integrated Health Services