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Accessing Palliative Care Services


New referral process in place

Palliative Home Care Services

There is a new referral process for patients requiring Palliative Care Community Services in the Regina Area. To streamline and standardize the referral process to Palliative Home Care, a new, easy to follow, Application for Service form has been developed. It will assist practitioners in determining if a patient meets the Palliative Home Care criteria.

This application applies only to Palliative Home Care services and requires completion by the physician, the nurse practitioner, the social worker or nursing staff as appropriate. Please ensure that supporting documentation is faxed along with the application form. Once completed and faxed in, a Palliative Care Coordinator will review the request and advise the referring person of the application status.

The Application can be accessed through the RQHR print shop (RQHR 1451) and will also be available in Accuro and Med Access June 11, 2018.

Palliative Community Support
Monday to Friday 0800-1600
Phone 306.766.2674

Palliative Physician Consultations

For consultations that require one or more of the following:
-   Pain Management and Symptom Control
-   Referral to Wascana Grace Hospice
-   Admission or Transfer to Unit 3A-Pasqua Hospital

  • Inpatient Palliative Physician Consultations complete the Consultation Request Form (RQHR 1047) and call the physician Support Office to notify of Consultation.
  • Urgent Palliative Physician Consultation contact the Palliative Physician on Call. Refer to the RQHR Palliative On Call Schedule (Intranet/On Call List/Palliative Care)
  • Community and Rural Palliative Physician Consultation, fax referral request letter to Palliative Physician Support Office.

Palliative Physician Support Office
Monday to Friday 0800-1600
Fax: 306.766.2588
Phone 306.766.2760


For more information on Palliative Care Community Services Program visit

Submitted by: Tammy Thompson, Program Manager, Palliative Care Services