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Programs and Services: Feeding and Swallowing Assessment Team

This is what you can expect if your child is referred for a feeding and swallowing assessment.

Prior to the assessment, we will contact you by telephone to gather information regarding your child’s feeding needs. At that time, we will ask you to bring a variety of food items to the assessment – foods and liquids that your child takes well and those that are more difficult.

There may be several different professionals involved in the assessment. The telephone contact also helps to determine which professionals would be most helpful in assisting your family. Feeding team members include:

Our feeding room has child sized table/chairs, high chair, microwave, sink and a variety of utensils.

On the day of the feeding assessment, your child may be weighed and measured. We will then spend some time talking to determine your primary feeding concerns and/or goals. During this time, your child will have an opportunity to play and become familiar with the assessment area.

We would like to observe your child eating. Although this is not the most natural setting for a meal, we will make the experience as comfortable as possible for you and your child. While your child is eating, we may observe and listen from an adjacent room.

When your child is finished eating, we will discuss our observations and provide you with some suggestions to work toward meeting your child’s feeding goals. We will answer any questions that you may have.

We will provide a written report summarizing our observations and our suggestions. Our names and contact numbers will be included on the report. We will talk about follow up.

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