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Diabetes Services: Foot Care and Podiatry Services

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to changes in the nerves and blood vessels in the feet. These changes can lead to pain, loss of sensation, changes in the shape of the foot which can lead foot ulcers and amputation. People with diabetes need to do regular daily foot care at home.

Annual foot examinations by a trained care provider to check for loss of feeling, and changes in the feet are also recommended. In Regina and some rural areas, people with diabetes can use one of the private nail/foot care companies for nail care services. Specialized services are needed if problems occur. RQHR foot care services include:

Basic Nail and Foot Care
In many rural sites, RQHR Home Care nurses provide nail and skin foot care services, often at Wellness Clinics or special Foot Clinics.

For more information, contact your local Home Care Office:

  • Fort Qu'Appelle and area: (306) 332-3306 or (306) 332-3307
  • Broadview - Whitewood: (306) 696-2500
  • Moosomin - Rocanville: (306) 435-3888
  • Indian Head - Montmartre ( 306) 695-4018
  • Lestock (306) 274-2034
  • Raymore (306) 746-4692
  • Wolseley - Grenfell (306) 698-2805
  • Balcarres (306) 334-2634
RQHR Podiatry Services
People with diabetes who have lost sensation in their feet or who have developed other foot problems should be under the care of a podiatrist (foot doctor).

If you have diabetes, the RQHR Podiatry Program can:
  • Provide advice on appropriate footwear and foot care
  • Help to prevent and heal foot ulcers
  • Treat walking problems caused by flat feet or high arches
  • Reduce corns and calluses
  • Reduce nails that are thick and difficult to cut
  • Provide referrals to other health care practitioners, as appropriate.
Podiatry Services are offered in seven locations in the Region. For more information, to obtain a referral form or make an appointment contact the office closest to you.
  • Regina:                 (306) 766-3750 (main office, Regina General Hospital)
  • Fort Qu’Appelle:    (306) 332- 2648
  • Balcarres:             (306) 334-2634, extension 223
  • Lestock:               (306) 274-2215, extension 0
  • Raymore:              (306) 746-2231
  • Moosomin:            (306) 435- 3303
  • Grenfell:                (306) 697-2853
For more information on Podiatry Services, click here.

A fee is charged for podiatry services, which may be covered by private insurance plans or by non-insured health benefits.

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