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World Continence Week


The Saskatchewan Pelvic FloorPathway is observing World Continence Week June 20-27.

World Continence Week
World Continence Week facts poster 2016

Located at the RQHR’s Surgical Assessment Centre (1621 Albert Street), the Pelvic Floor Pathway educates, assesses and treats women with incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Referral is required from a physician, nurse practitioner or midwife.

More resources for patients and professionals are available at the Saskatchewan Pelvic Floor Pathway website.

Recently, an information sheet on "Good Bladder Habits" was published on our website. The following is a portion of this useful handout: Are your patients having trouble with bladder function?
  • Drinking adequate but not excessive water (6-8 measured cups of fluid daily, with atleast half from water).
  • Avoiding bladder irritantssuch as caffeine (coffee, tea,cola, chocolate etc), artificial sweeteners, acidic fruit juices,spicy foods, dehydration and smoking.
  • Regular bowel movements by slowly increasing dietary fibre intake (whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, chia seed, flax and more).
  • Exercising pelvic floor muscles (sometimes called “Kegels”). More information about this can be found on the website listed above or through a doctor or a pelvic floor physical therapist.
  • Keeping a regular bladder schedule. Empty the bladder every 2 ½ - 4 hours during the day.
To read the whole document click here.

Bladder control can sometimes be addressed through these simple strategies.
If the above does not help the bladder function better, speak to a physician or nurse practitioner for more information about how best to access care for specific bladder issues.