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Temporary Water Shut Off at Pasqua Hospital


Patients and staff at Pasqua Hospital will experience water disruptions over the weekend while planned maintenance is undertaken to the water lines in the building.

*Update for Sunday, February 21 - Water tests taken from the Pasqua Hospital yesterday have confirmed that the drinking water is safe to consume. The water precautions that were put in place this weekend will now be removed and normal operations will resume. Thank you to all patients, visitors, staff and physicians for their understanding while this important repair took place.*

“We became aware a couple of weeks ago that a leak had occurred on part of the booster pump system for the city water pressure. Parts were ordered and have arrived, and hospital units were consulted on the best time to schedule this maintenance,” said Sharon Garratt, Vice President, Integrated Health Services. “In order to minimize the inconvenience to our patients, and limit the impact on our ability to provide scheduled services, the work to the system will commence tonight at 11:00 pm.”


Water will be shut off to the entire building while the repair work is underway, which is expected to occur between 11 pm tonight and approximately 6 am Saturday. Once water service is restored Saturday morning, the system needs to be flushed and the water tested as per routine protocols to ensure it is safe to drink. It is expected that, given the time required for testing, tap water in Pasqua Hospital will not be confirmed safe to drink until at least mid-afternoon on Sunday.

“We regret the inconvenience to our patients, staff and visitors, but will ensure they have a safe, plentiful supply of drinking water during this time, and access to washroom facilities. We are also making every effort to maintain safe and quality care for our patients, and ensure they have access to as many amenities as possible during the disruption,” Garratt said. “Signage will be in place to help direct patients and visitors, and we will continue to update our communication about the water disruption as the work progresses through the weekend.”

The fire protection system will not be impacted by the water shutoff as it runs off a separate fixed line.


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