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The brainchild of one of RQHR’s teams has come to life.

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The Transfusion Safety service recognized there was no easy access to up-to-date, Saskatchewan-focused information on transfusion care. They wanted to change that.

“It’s easy to find information online, but the challenge is that much of it is American. The US blood system has definite differences from Canada.

Additionally, other provinces may have different protocols for managing blood products. It’s important for our clinicians to have the most relevant provincial materials to use,” Dr. Donna Ledingham said. was developed in partnership with the Region, the Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Transfusion Medicine Working Group. The site went live December 15, 2015,
and the group plans to build it into the single best resource for transfusion care in the province.

“As we work toward thinking and acting as one system, it’s important to have information readily available in one place,” said Paula Van Vliet, the Region’s Transfusion Safety Manager. “Prior to this, information was fragmented in a number of different places and regions.”

The goal is to have it become a complete resource for all health professionals involved in the “vein-to-vein” transfusion process, particularly physicians, nurses and laboratory technologists.

The site focuses on information from Saskatchewan and Canada, so it will also be a great resource for Saskatchewan patients and families who need more information on their care.

Visit for more information.