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Prestigious award winner in the RQHR Don Kuntz wins Distinguished Service Award


Pharmacy Award
Don Kuntz (right) receives his award.

He’s honoured and humbled. That’s how Don Kuntz, Clinical Coordinator, Pharmacy, feels after winning the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) highest award, the Distinguished Service Award.“To be placed in the same category as the 49 others who’ve received this is a bit shocking, surprising and certainly overwhelming,” Kuntz said.

Kuntz is being recognized for his outstanding achievement and significant ongoing contributions in hospital pharmacy practice.

His work with the CSHP focused on improving patients’ medication-related outcomes and safety by advancing excellence in pharmacy practice. Kuntz, and past winners, have shown creativity, and their work has led to a fundamental positive change in the way pharmacy is practiced – work that should be emulated by others.

“Candidates shall have made substantial impact on hospital pharmacy practice through this activity,” reads the award criteria, and Kuntz’s work has done just that.

“It is rare that someone who is not a past president with CSHP or a Director of Pharmacy
wins this award. This shows us that his leadership skills are outstanding and are finally recognized nationally,” said Kelly Babcock, Director of Pharmacy, in the latest Pharmacy Department newsletter.

Kuntz travelled to Toronto to receive the award. “The awards night is a first classevent and was an excellent evening of introduction of award winners and acceptance speeches,” Kuntz said. “A reception was also held in Regina with about 30 colleagues, past and present, for a night of roasting and toasting.”

Considering his peers submitted his name for the award, it’s clear they are happy for his win.

“I would like to congratulate Don for his prestigious award and welcome him to the club where he became the third RQHR recipient out of 50 total Distinguished Service Award
winners,” Babcock wrote.