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Better morale for PHC teams


“Before, we worked by ourselves. Now, I feel like I’m part of a team and that I’m being heard by both my team and my manager. I can voice my concerns and I’ve noticed that issues get resolved faster. Because we’re staying in one area more, we have regular clientele. You build relationships and it’s more comfortable for everyone.”

Leah Nelson
Continuing Care Assistant
Posted Aug. 4, 2015

Home care team conducts a huddle.
RQHR home care teams now huddle daily.

Changes in Home Care’s daily practice has decreased each continuing care assistant’s daily travel by about seven kilometer – about one kilometer per client – and freed up each CCA to see 1 more client a day.

Multidisciplinary teams now meet daily at sites close to clients’ homes. This has allowed Home Care to improve service and build team morale.