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Additional Updates from the VP Physician and Integrated Health Services


1.  Prostate Pathway

Work will soon get underway on the finalisation of the RQHR Prostate Pathway program. Subject to the completion of the contract, Dr Tse will lead as Medical Director and a new patient navigator will be hired. The plan is to implement a different pathway in RQHR to Saskatoon and demonstrate the utility or otherwise of the use of prostate density as a screening tool for reducing the need for biopsy.

2. Delirium Care Pathway

As part of the Seniors Care Strategy, a new Delirium Prevention and Management Plan will be developed. The research has been completed and working with the assistance of Drs Bowen and Betcher a full pathway is planned. The planning process will include the recruitment of others to the development and consultation phases of the plan.

3.  Seasonal Bed Management

A cross functional team facilitated by a group of Executive Directors is planning the Seasonal Bed Management Plan. RQHR expects full cooperation from all physicians to ensure that patients’ plans of care are promptly managed during the season. Further information on that plan will be available soon.

4. Medical Surveillance Unit

The staff members on this unit have done incredible work in preparation for the full implementation of this program commencing on January 15 2016. Staff orientation, a new system of vital signs monitoring and a robust plan for implementation have been developed.

5. Syrian Refugee Plan

Planning is underway, lead by our Population and Public Health Department, to provide for the receipt of Syrian refugees in our area. Please stay tuned for further updates.