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A Home for the Holidays - How one patient’s life is changing


Picture a life on the streets, essentially homeless, for the better part of a decade. Fast forward to present day and turning a key in the lock to a place where you can now call home. For one of our clients, this is exactly what happened in December 2015 thanks to the compassion and the drive to bridge the gaps that our connecting to care team has for their clients.

Jon Heathcote, a primary care paramedic and client wellness advocate with the connecting to care team, as well as other members of the team, were recently presented with an opportunity to give a client what he hadn’t had in many years, a home. While the care team for connecting to care is new, Heathcote has known this client for many years, and he knows how many nights the client has spent without a home.

In mid-October of this year, Heathcote reconnected with this client while he was admitted to hospital. “It was nice to see him again. I was excited to have an opportunity to try to help him,” said Heathcote. Working with him for the past several months in the connecting to care program, the team was able to work with him to get him enrolled into the SAID Program as well as worked on a solid discharge plan. The team worked with him in hospital to find housing, furniture and solid treatment planning before he was discharged from the hospital. This culminated in moving the client into his own fully furnished apartment complete with food in the fridge, this December.

By connecting him to various community supports,including Social Services and the Food Bank, the team continues to guide him along a brighter path.

Since the big move, the team checks in with the client daily to help him in his recovery and assesses to ensure that he is in good health. They continue to work with him through setting up an in-patient addictions program, and they will continue to assist him as he transitions into a world of independence, sobriety and wholeness. He has gone from worrying about getting his next meal to figuring outhow to save up for a guitar. “His world has changed dramatically in the past several months. The team and I look forward to seeing where his life will take him on his journey of recovery,” said Heathcote.