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Take-Home Naloxone Kits Available in Regina

29-Jun-2016:  Take-Home Naloxone kits will become available in Regina through the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s Harm Reduction Methadone Program beginning on July 4, 2016.

Open family presence guidelines address common questions, scenarios

23-Jun-2016:  We believe families are equalpartners in their loved one’s care.To support their presence in ourfacilities, RQHR is removing visiting hour restrictions tosupport a policy of open family presence.

The antimicrobial stewardship team is growing

23-Jun-2016:  The Antimicrobial Stewardship team is almost complete.

KPO and Materials Management join forces in 5S blitz

16-Jun-2016:  On any given day, Regina General Hospital’s (RGH’s) “Stores,” the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s primary inventory supply area, is a beehive of activity.

COPD pathway update

21-Jun-2016:  Your inputs through individual discussions, feedback at the department of Family Medicine and section of Respirology meetings, as well as various other forums, have guided the priorities and path of this work to date. Read more.

Register for the "Perspectives on Disruptive Behaviour" conference

21-Jun-2016:  For physician leaders around the organization, a unique day of interaction on discussion on disruptive behaviour.

New cellphone use policy

21-Jun-2016:  ​The Management of Personal Communication Devices (PCDs)/Mobile Devices in Highly Instrumental Clinical Areas policy is another way in which we keep our patients safe.

New physician arrivals

21-Jun-2016:  Read highlights on the Region's recruitment efforts.

Two important retirements

21-Jun-2016:  Two great leaders retired from the RQHR in May. Read more about who they are and what they mean to the Region.

Medical aid in dying

21-Jun-2016:  The extension of time granted by the Supreme Court for its decision in Carter v Canada which found unconstitutional the criminal code prohibition on assisted dying ended on 6 June 2016.

Sustainability news: Home care staffing, Imaging and GIM

21-Jun-2016:  An update for physicians on work with SUN to ensure work is based on scope of practice, an update on diagnostic imaging in the Region and the shortage of GIM physicians.

Physicians, refer patients to the Seniors Home Visit program

21-Jun-2016:  Many of the Seniors House Call clients receive home care services and can experience urgent health care needs that require further assessment by additional health care professionals.

Physicians perspective on the Accountable Care Unit

21-Jun-2016:  Dr. Andrew Kielly, originally trained as a family physician, now works as a Hospitalist on Unit 4A at the Pasqua Hospital, and is participating in the Accountable Care Unit (ACU) pilot project. He has worked in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region for five years.

Plea for Chart Completion for CIHI Data Submission

21-Jun-2016:  RQHR is in the process of completing its fiscal 2015-16 coding/abstracting for CIHI data submission. At the RGH, there are over 400 incomplete charts for patients discharged in March 2016.

Quality and safety initiatives: What physicians need to know

21-Jun-2016:  Stop the Line, launching the Antimicrobial Stewardship program, transfusion safety update and creating a consistent and reliable physician on-call schedule for all

World Continence Week

16-Jun-2016:  The Saskatchewan Pelvic Floor Pathway is observing World Continence Week June 20-27.

Donate your unused craft items

9-Jun-2016:  The Regina General Hospital Auxiliary is requesting donations of yarn and buttons for craft items.

Most “Learner Friendly” Unit Award

9-Jun-2016:  The University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine learners in Regina have voted the most “learner friendly” unit the Medical Teaching Unit (MTU) on 6F at the Regina General Hospital.

Stories from our resident centenarians - Part 1: celebrating 102 years young

2-Jun-2016:  Having just celebrated her 102 birthday this week, Ann Emerson still loves to sing, dance, take part in exercise programs and listen to stories.

Pilot improves breast cancer patient support

26-May-2016:  HealthLine 811, along with RQHR and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, has launched a new initiative for breast cancer patients in the Region.

RQHR celebrates National Nursing Week

12-May-2016:  National Nursing Week is a great time to recognize and celebrate the contributions of all nurses.

Patients, Staff and Physicians See Benefits of RQHR’s Accountable Care Pilot Project

12-May-2016:  An innovative, first-in-Canada pilot project that enables and delivers more accountable hospital care is earning positive patient, staff and physician reviews at Pasqua Hospital’s Unit 4A.

Improving access to services for patients with COPD

7-May-2016:  The disease is debilitating, and is on the list of the six chronic conditions the Region is focused on preventing.

Keeping her memory alive

7-May-2016:  Her experience will not be forgotten. “We experienced inefficiencies in the system, and I’m working with the Region now to change that,” said Graham Parsons.

Sci-Fi becomes reality - When antibiotics don’t work anymore

7-May-2016:  Around the world, what could be the story line for a doomsday sci-fi thriller is actually becoming reality. For decades, major and minor illnesses have been easily treated with antibiotics, but now that is changing.

Important practitioner news

09-May-2016:  Overlap period in College of Medicine, needs assessments, department head recruitment, update on the suspended orthopedic pooled referrals and a LINK invitation to all physicians. Read more.

Physicians and system sustainability

09-May-2016:  Information here for physicians related to resource plans, privileges and medical imaging.

Updates on Access/Patient Flow you need to know

9-May-2016:  Update from primary health care, need to sign prescription pages, update from 3S Health and more.

Blood: testing and exposure

9-May-2016:  Read about the very significant concerns raised in regard to Community Laboratory Testing.

Quality and safety work affecting physicians in the RQHR

9-May-2016:  Antimicrobial Stewardship program development, Stop the Line safety policy, chart audits, 5E med rec. Read more.

Important program development updates

09-May-2016:  Read more on the Trauma Program pilot proposal, the TAVI program and Ministry of Health, issues raised with the Accountable Care Unit, and about the Left Atrial Appendage Closure Program

Student wins award studying fitness trackers

27-May-2016:  Congratulations to Regina-based medical student Megan Deck for winning the McManus Cardiovascular Career Award.

Celebrate Immunization Awareness Week, April 23-30

26-Apr-2016:  Immunization has saved more lives than any other health intervention.

Caregiving can take many forms

19-Apr-2016:  Caregiving can take many forms.

Advance Care Planning Day April 16

14-Apr-2016:  On April 16, the RQHR AdvanceCare Planning (ACP) team would like you to think about your right to be involved in your health care choices.

RQHR Celebrates National Volunteer Week

07-Apr-2016:  From April 10-16, hospital volunteers are stepping into the spotlight as RQHR celebrates National Volunteer Week. This year’s theme is Volunteers are the Roots of Strong Communities.

Better care for dialysis patients

06-Apr-2016:  All dialysis patients now get their transonic tests when they need them.

Filling nursing positions faster

12-Apr-2016:  Managers in medicine inpatient units can now fill an entry level nursing position in four days rather than the previous eight.

Medication ordering time reduced 97 per cent

19-Apr-2016:  Medication ordering time reduced 97 per cent.

Ordering time for supplies reduced 85 per cent

19-Apr-2016:  An improvement event at the Balcarres Primary Health Care Centre has reduced ordering time 85 per cent.

Safer care for RGH Emergency patients

19-Apr-2016:  The medications of all Regina General Hospital Emergency patients are now either given to patients prior to transfer or accompany them when they are moved to an inpatient unit.

Better morale for primary health care teams


Medication process improves patient safety

12-Apr-2016:  Physicians and nurses on Unit 5E now use a standard form to ensure changes to a patient's medications are appropriately communicated.

Changes improve shift handover, resident care

12-Apr-2016:  An event at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre’s (WRC) Unit 2-6 has created work standards that have improved resident safety and made shift handovers shorter and more meaningful.

Less waiting, more choices for residents

05-Apr-2016:  Changes in work practices at Grenfell Pioneer Home mean that residents wait 86 per cent less before being assisted to breakfast.

Safer care for surgical patients

05-Apr-2016:  Pre-operative patients at Pasqua Hospital whose surgeries are cancelled now get food/fluid within a reasonable time after cancellation.

Improved reliability of allergy information

05-Apr-2016:  Patients in the core area of all RQHR emergency departments now have peace of mind knowing that their allergy information is properly documented.

Gastrointestinal Illness Precautions

15-Mar-2016:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region is aware that gastrointestinal illness is circulating in the community and could be brought into our homes, workplaces, schools and child care centers.

Dementia Assessment Unit at WRC - Improving dementia care for patients in the Region

03-Mar-2016:  More work is being done in the Region to support a growing demographic – those living with dementia.

Patient participant gets “an eye-opener”


Quarter three report and what it means for physicians

29-Feb-2016:  In early February, SLT reported on the progress made in quarter three. This article outlines the initiatives in the region that will impact the work physicians do.

Policy news: Physician Assisted Dying Policy and the Open Family Presence Policy

29-Feb-2016:  Both these initiatives have huge impacts on practitioner staff. Read more.

What you need to know from SLT, the College of Medicine and RQHR Public Health

29-Feb-2016:  Do you play a role in preventing perinatal HIV transmission? What role do you play in antimicrobial stewardship? SLT, the College of Medicine and public health all have a message for RQHR physicians.

Colleague arrivals, departures and changes to medical leadership

29-Feb-2016:  Read about physician arrivals and departures, recruiting activity for department heads, and appointing the co-chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee.

Top 4 quality improvement initiatives affecting physicians

29-Feb-2016:  An update on the appropriateness agenda, improving pre-printed orders, RPIWs with clinical relevance and good news on record completions. Read more.

Innovations you need to know about

29-Feb-2016:  Hospira or SMART pumps are coming - what impact will this have on physicians. Also, new ECG software, echocardiograms and TEEs available on-line and a Sunrise Clinical Manager request. Read how.

Intermediate care model in the Medical Surveillance Unit

29-Feb-2016:  MSU launched an intermediate care model within the Pasqua Hospital and to date we have admitted and cared for 62 patients who have met the MSU specific criteria. Read more.

Progress on the Accountable Care Unit

29-Feb-2016:  Read about the progress made on this cutting-edge unit, and how it's transforming the way we deliver care in this region.

Prestigious award winner in the RQHR Don Kuntz wins Distinguished Service Award

25-Feb-2016:  Don Kuntz, Clinical Coordinator, Pharmacy, wins the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) Distinguished Service Award.

IV technology new to the province Smart pumps will improve patient safety

25-Feb-2016:  As of late February, RQHR patients will be some of the first to experience technology that pharmacists, nurses, physicians, information technologists and bio-medical engineers from across the province say is the right path to protect the safety of patients and families.

New “Smart” IV pumps will improve patient safety across the province

25-Feb-2016:  Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region pilot kicks off the provincial initiative

Temporary Water Shut Off at Pasqua Hospital

19-Feb-2016:  Patients and staff at Pasqua Hospital will experience water disruptions over the weekend while planned maintenance is undertaken to the water lines in the building.

Pediatrics Goes to the Dogs...

18-Feb-2016:  Maggie the therapy dog celebrated her 11th birthday with a full crowd of patients and staff from Paediatrics and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Rural ambulance patients waiting less

11-Feb-2016:  Rural patients travelling by ambulance to Regina General to meet with a consulting physician now spend at least 50 per cent less time waiting in Emergency.

Holiday bed management success

11-Feb-2016:  Constant improvement is at the heart of health care, so when our friends in Patient Flow recognized an opportunity to improve bed management over the holidays, they jumped into action.

RQHR Confirms its Radiologist Numbers Remain Strong

09-Feb-2016:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (“RQHR") today confirmed a full complement of in-hospital radiologists at its facilities.

Meet our community paramedic - A Q&A with Jon Heathcote

04-Feb-2016:  Two programs fall under the PHCRT, Connecting to Care and Seniors Home Visit. Both programs have multi-disciplinary teams that rely partly on the expertise of community paramedics.

A hero rewarded - RQHR EMT wins Public Heroes Award

28-Jan-2016:  In January, RQHR EMT Kate Giesinger won the Regina Intercultural Dialogue Institute’s– an organization that promotes cross-cultural awareness – Public Heroes Award.

Saving babies by helicopter - Getting specialized care faster

28-Jan-2016:  It was a first for the Region. Recently, STARS Air Ambulance successfully transferred a Regina Neonatal Intensive Care team and isolette to a baby in need in Estevan, cutting the time it takes Region staff to reach these patients in half. - Transfusion information at your fingertips

15-Jan-2016:  The brainchild of one of RQHR’s teams has come to life.

Announcement: New Year’s Baby

01-Jan-2016:  Baby Cudia arrived at 12:15AM

Transforming health care as a team - the Accountable Care Unit

19-Dec-2015:  When care members are better connected with one another, patients receive the safest, highest quality care possible. That’s the philosophy of Unit 4A at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina, where patients are reaping the benefits from a new care model, called the Accountable Care Unit.

A Home for the Holidays - How one patient’s life is changing

19-Dec-2015:  Picture a life on the streets, essentially homeless, for the better part of a decade. Fast forward to present day and turning a key in the lock to a place where you can now call home.

Safer care for ventilated residents

18-Dec-2015:  Every time Unit 2-6 staff at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre come in contact with a ventilated resident, they conduct a hands-on 10-second check of ventilator connections, the result of a recent mistake proofing project.

Radiologist and Vascular surgeon team up to perform cutting-edge procedure

16-Dec-2015:  In mid-December, a multi-disciplinary team in the RQHR did what no other region in the province is doing – a fenestrated endovascular aneurysm repair (FEVAR), an aneurysm-repair that significantly reduces the patient’s risk of mortality and essentially eliminates long recoveries.

RQHR Community IPAC Consult Service

1-Dec-2015:  RQHR is committed to assisting our physicians assess their current practices and help them correct any deficiencies to become compliant with the most up to date Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements.

Additional Updates from the VP Physician and Integrated Health Services

01-Dec-2015:  Radiology Contract Issue, Syrian Refugee Plan, Delirium Pathway, Seasonal Bed Management, Medical Surveillance Unit, IV Pumps, Prostate Pathway

Physician Update on the General Internal Medicine Oversight Committee

01-Dec-2015:  This committee has continued to meet monthly. Membership includes Drs Carson, White, McCutcheon, Abdulla, Ene, Duffy, Richardson and Lori Hopfauf. The committee has focused its efforts on the issues that were identified as the most pressing during the May Retreat.

Medical Staff Ideas for Care Improvements are Being Considered

01-Dec-2015:  There are at least six medical staff ideas that have been identified to the Senior Leadership Team that are under consideration

Physician Update on Recent Lean Activity

01-Dec-2015:  Antimicrobial Stewardship, Medication Reconciliation on Discharge, Department of Medicine “to meets” patients in the ED, Discharge summaries from the ED , RPIWs in the Works

Geographic Bed Distribution on 4A and 6F

01-Dec-2015:  Doctors and nurses taking care of patients in the Medicine Inpatient Units (MIUS) have for a long time described a frustration of not really knowing each other as team members.

Syrian refugee situation - need physicians

3-Dec-2015:  We are writing to provide you with information regarding the expected arrival of Syrian refugees to Regina, and to seek your assistance.

Launch of New Laboratory Services Requisitions

1-Dec-2015:  Effective Tuesday, December 1, 2015, Laboratory Services will be implementing new requisitions,

Radiologists Remain RQHR’s Key Partners in Providing Quality Medical Imaging Services

30-Nov-2015:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (“RQHR”) today reiterated its commitment to continuing its long-standing partnership with its radiologists in providing quality, accessible medical imaging services to patients in the Region and across southern Saskatchewan.

Population and Public Health Newsletter

1-Dec-2015:  Panorama and client consent, important Syphilis Alert, STI updates, new allergy prevention evidence and introduction of solid foods, HIV update and more

Primary Health Care – COPD Program Update

30-Nov-2015:  Primary Health Care RQHR is pleased to share its progress on improving services for patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

SLT Lab update: Protein 14-3-3 Testing in Suspect Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

01-Dec-2015:  Special precautions are required when collecting, handling and transporting samples from a suspected case of CJD. The requirements for submitting these types of specimens are outlined below.

Updates from SLT – Primary Health Care

01-Dec-2015:  Prevalence and Incidence of Ischemic Heart Disease and Heart Failure in Saskatchewan

Updates from SLT - Psychiatry

30-Nov-2015:  When the Health Care Directives and Substitute Health Care Decision Maker Act Should be Used

High Sensitivity Troponin I

30-Nov-2015:  What you need to know about the new hsTnI.

Bringing Smart Pump Technology to RQHR

30-Nov-2015:  The smart pump program is expected to be rolled out in RQHR in early 2016. The rest of the province will follow, with all health regions adopting the technology and equipment by the end of 2016.

Outbreak Management - Visitors no longer required to wear PPE

30-Nov-2015:  The risk of visitors contributing to the spread of VRE, MRSA, and ESBL organisms from their loved ones to other patients in our healthcare facilities is low. If proper hand hygiene is completed and direct patient care is not being performed, there is no meaningful added value in asking visitors to wear gowns and gloves.

Updates to Stroke Pathway

30-Nov-2015:  A need to improve stroke care in the province has been recognized, and the RQHR is partnering with the Ministry of Health and 3 health regions to design and deliver stroke care in a more effective and efficient manner.

Update on Emergency Department Wait Times

30-Nov-2015:  Have wait times decreased?

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

30-Nov-2015:  RQHR did not meet the Accreditation Canada requirements related to having an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in spring, 2015. An action plan was developed to address this deficit, which included a Design RPIW that was held in October, 2015.

Financial Sustainability – Getting to Green

30-Nov-2015:  The Workforce Optimization Task Team (WOTT) is working with departments that are over budget.

RQ Surgical Site Infection Surveillance Program

30-Nov-2015:  The Infection Prevention and Control Department in the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region (RQHR) is currently conducting surveillance on surgical site infections (SSIs) for a number of targeted surgical procedures.

Accountable Care Unit Pilot

30-Nov-2015:  An accountable care unit (ACU) is an inpatient care area structured around four core features. What are the four features? They are: (1) unit level nurse and physician co-leadership, (2) unit level performance reporting, (3) structured interdisciplinary bedside rounds (SIBR), and (4) unit-based teams.

MRI Check-list for Lumbar Spine

30-Nov-2015:  Saskatchewan’s health system physicians and other leaders have identified improving Appropriateness of Care as a key system priority. A provincial framework has been developed by clinicians and others with the intent that the framework’s processes will be broadly applied and widely utilized by clinicians and health care organizations in SK across the continuum of care.

Hospitals of Regina Foundation has raised $150 million and has big plans to change more lives

30-Nov-2015:  The Hospitals of Regina Foundation (HRF) has a new president and CEO, and a new vision.