Finding Your Way

Physicians Accepting New Patients

Please Note: The information listed below is provided by the Medical Clinics. These clinics operate as private practices and are not directly affiliated with the Region. To confirm or request updated information, please contact the medical clinics directly.

Aspen Medical Centre
University of Regina, Kinesiology, Health & Sport - 225

3737 Wascana Parkway
Phone: (306) 337-2643

Girgis, F.(Gender: M)

Albert Park Transcona Medical Clinic

4936 - 4th Avenue
Phone: (306) 775-2688

Zaidi, S.A.(Gender: M)

Broad Street Medical Clinic

2210 Broad Street
Phone: (306) 781-8080

Bhuiyan, S.(Gender: M)
Nair R.(Gender: M)
Paul, S.(Gender: F)

Broadway Medical Clinic

1319 Broadway Ave.
Phone: (306) 757-4114

Shamsuzzaman, M.(Gender: M)
*Talukdar, S.P.(Gender: F)
  - *family physician who practices obstetrics

Broadview Medical Clinic

901 Nina St., Broadview
Phone: (306) 696-2266

Fowora, A.(Gender: M)
Likhari, R.(Gender: M)
Masamiza, V.(Gender: M)

Dewdney East Medical Clinic

1689 Dewdney Ave. E.
Phone: (306) 789-8816

Mugerwa, J.(Gender: M)

Fort Medical Clinic

121 Broadway St. W., Fort Qu'Appelle
Phone: (306) 332-1700

Tuwor, G.(Gender: M)

Fort Qu'Appelle

203-B Broadway St. W., Fort Qu'Appelle
Phone: (306) 332-4533

Olusi, O.(Gender: M)

Gateway Alliance Medical Clinic

180 University Park Dr.
Phone: (306) 565-4283

Juggernath, N.(Gender: M)

Gateway Alliance Medical Clinic

4661 Rae Street
Phone: (306) 757-4283

Juggernath, N.(Gender: M)

Grenfell Medical Clinic

721 Stella Street
Phone: (306) 697-3441

Pebane, B. (Gender: M)

Harbour Landing Medical Clinic

Wal-Mart SuperCenter, 4500 Gordon Road
Phone: (306) 545-2888

Golubovic, D.(Gender: M)
Offiah, F.(Gender: M)

Indian Head Regional Health Clinic

719 Grand Ave.
Phone: (306) 695-2922

Anochie, E.U.(Gender: F)
Elendu, I.O.(Gender: M)

McCarthy Park Medical Clinic

1039 Devonshire Dr.
Phone: (306) 924-2220

Javid, S.(Gender: F)

Normanview Mall Medi-Clinic

330 McCarthy Blvd. N.
Phone: (306) 924-6200

Matand, T.(Gender: M)

Northgate Medical Centre

2711 Avonhurst Dr.
Phone: (306) 543-4566

Izekor, I.T.(Gender: M)
Mehta, A.(Gender: M)

Prince of Wales Medical Clinic

Superstore - 2055 Prince of Wales Dr.
Phone: (306) 546-2005

Akinloye, O.O.(Gender: M)

Rochdale Crossing Medical Clinic

#7 - 5875 Rochdale Blvd.
Phone: (306) 205-8020

Golubovic, D.(Gender: M)

Wolseley Medical Clinic

801 Ouimet St.
Phone: (306) 698-4444

Pebane, D.(Gender: M)