Sunrise Health Program

The Sunrise Health Program is a team of Public Health Nurses who develop and deliver programs that are based on the strengths of the clients.

We offer:

  • health information, presentations and displays to a variety of groups
  • child health clinics including assessment, referrals and immunizations
  • parenting information and support classes including:
    • “Colours of Parenting” - an informal drop-in group for parents to bring their questions, concerns, and successes. It is based on the idea that successful parenting can come in a variety of “colours” and styles.
    • “Focus on Fathers” – is a weekly support and parenting group for dads. This program promotes healthy father-child relationships – helping fathers to understand the importance of responsible involvement in healthy child development, to access support services and to learn and recognize their roles and responsibilities. The group begins by sharing a sit-down meal with fathers and their children. For more information, click here.
    • “Reclaiming Our Lives—Creating Our Tipis” – a parenting program based on the 15 poles that form a tipi. Just as a tipi needs many poles, a family needs many values. Each session relates a traditional value to the journey of becoming and being a parent. These sessions are drop-in and open to the community. A “hands-on” cooking circle is included. For more information, click here.
  • individual and family referral services
  • student mentorship
  • postnatal follow-up for women and their families

For more information, call 766-7540.

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