Programs Offered at Extendicare Elmview

Quick Response Unit

The Quick Response Unit is an alternative to emergency room care for individuals, ages 65 years and older who are experiencing non-emergency changes in their health or social situation. In these circumstances, staff from the emergency room work with SWADD to identify immediate short term care options.

Individuals who are admitted to this unit have a scheduled date of return in to the community. The objective is to complete an assessment of the individual, determine the need for supportive services upon discharge, and discharge the individual to an appropriate destination within one to four days.

While in care, the individuals receive:

  • assessment services;
  • Medical care, provided by their family doctor;
  • community-based care planning;
  • nursing care;
  • family teaching and support;
  • recreation and socialization opportunities;
  • and nutrition, laundry and housekeeping services

Items for which clients are charged include:

  • personal grooming items (e.g.: shampoo, powder, body lotion, facial tissues);
  • medications;
  • incontinence products;
  • medical supplies;
  • and supplies required for oxygen therapy.

Information on this service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

For more information contact SWADD in Regina at 306-766-7200, or outside Regina at 1-800-667-1242.

Total number of beds: 12

  • Two rooms, each containing four beds
  • Two rooms, each containing two beds

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